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Conversation Between Smile and Not_Nish

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  1. idk if they suddenly can't see my messages or they're ignoring me
  2. We need a new room. Jelly banned me accidentally.
  3. Of course you traitorous scoundrel I should have known you never did want to kiss me. You're just like everyone else, courting me just to get to my anus!
  4. Hope springs eternal.
  5. I mean yeah but I was expecting you to tug on my hair and whisper how much of a skank my mom was when you were fucking her, and THEN proceed to kiss my lips.
  6. Thats because you were facing the other way.
  7. yeah it's like we've been having sex this whole time but we never kissed.
  8. I thought we were more than friends. I'm even more shocked I haven't had a single visitor message from you so far.
  9. why aren't we friends yet
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