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Conversation Between Anime Vishal and Mustika

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  1. We can do Skype or Hangout chats if you want ;D
    Lol no, sorry XD Apparently I goy interested on BSE (Best Sequence Execution) more for now - as my opponent got busier and my laptop broke .n. ooh, you did? Thaanks XD Got super low score but that shouldn't stop me for making more entries (if I can).
    Hope you too man! Good luck with your life
    i just figured out i am finally able to log in here after a long time. So yyeah!
    Its a feature and its still in progress so yeah XD AND You should have finished your rhg by now! havent you? ( i was already hyped by the whole screenie) and i saw your bse TEECAPMUSTY , badass as always !
    Hope you are doing well!
  3. Mo-movie? *o* How long? What will it be about? Is there antagonist? And so many questions xox still, you're doing it with your team too. Must be a handy job once you get the hang with 'em. You can do it~
    Lol XD nah, just a short technical incidence that must be done. Everything's OK now, I'd rather focus onto this RHG fight before uni starts again.
    Haha, hope you can wait XD still a long process and all. Here's a screenie: it'd be on a frame for this BG I'm doing though, it's not the anim XD but I'm pretty much proud of it for a 30 mins attempt.
  4. lol nothing really fancy . I'm working on concepts for an upcoming movie . Just lending a hand with their team . But yeah my ultimate goal lies in somewhere near Blizzard or so *-*
    Glad to know everythings working fine for you
    oh wait , did i just hear "problem" ??
    for the tee?
    no way ! tell me about it !
    And i would love to see what you come up with the battle *eeagerly waits*
  5. Eeey, now that's the news you didn't tell me. Dang brah you're at a studio now?!
    Everything is going well here. Was having a slight academic problem but it's settled now so that I can focus on the RHG battle I'm working on now. What you're up to?
  6. Actually, its still there , but im just logging on when i get some free time at a studio im working in
    Hows the holiday doing for you? ^._.^
  7. I heard you got a problem logging in here (Mark posted a thread about it). Glad to see the problem got solved ^u^ howdy.
  8. YOSH! lol been long since i even logged on to this place..
  9. Well good news: I finished it you'll get the look later once the collab's released~ [or check your Skype, I'll send you a link there XD]
  10. Im not sure if procedures work same , but yeah parents guidance is all one needs ^^

    oh thats great! Have a great weekend then doc. (yes you are ;p)
    and ill surely look forward to the awesome collab part *-*7
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