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Conversation Between Zultin and Jombloxx

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  1. Yeah.And their PCs.So shitty.
  2. God damn humans and theire complex forums !
  3. LOL these silly humans have so confusing forums that i cant put the img tags carefully >:0
  4. We need to find better connections because that page says the page could not be found, DAMN CAT INTERNET
  5. I will keep planning.. and soon the world will be ours... silly humans and stupid dogs will bow and knee before us!
  6. Ill search some photos about our mission.
  7. We are here today reunited to talk about our conquest upon the humans, LET US SH-T ON THEIRE HOUSE AND DON'T GIVE A CRAP AND MAKE THEM CELAN IT UP!
    then manipulate them to give us all we want... yes...
  8. Good.Gentlemen and Mafia Cats.
  9. I shall.
  10. Yes, my friend, just keep patience.
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