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Conversation Between Loops and Frost10114

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  1. It's on the front page of the clan
  2. what's your discord chat.
  3. np mate!
  4. Thanks.
  5. Yeah you're lucky to have BestG on Petrichor,he's so good,but as I said,gl fam!
  6. Not gonna lie tho, Finding members is hard now. People aren't that active. Good thing I got stuck with someone decent and active. great animator too.
  7. Ok fam,gl getting members!
  8. I haven't got Discord yet. I better do. But to remind we and TheBestG are the only ones in the clan. We'll have to wait for 1 or more members.
  9. Seems coolio,and nice remake of the homepage,and we'd love to collab with any clan!Seems interesting,join our discord chat and we'll talk about concepts for the collab!the discord chat is on the homepage by the way
  10. Hey man, care to talk? I'm thinking of an activity both of our clans can do. Collab or sumthin? since you're our only allies. we made a overhaul tho, were not Trinity anymore.

    check this out.
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