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Conversation Between TTheDDoctor and Terror-Sama

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  1. (1-and-a-half weeks later) GOOD GOD, HOW LONG IS THIS GONNA TAKE?!?!?!?!?!
  2. Take your sweet time. I won't be contributing anything until Thanksgiving.
  3. I think I might have trouble though,fusing my second rhg battle with it..
  4. Wonderful! It's good to hear that progress is being made. GLHF
  5. So I'm writing this slow as I'm writing others for divine members..will finish soon though..
  6. Well, as his animations go to show, AAlbusUUmbra is fond of using big or dated words, like saying "confabulate with" when "talk to" would work, or saying "Hark!" instead of "Listen up!". He also tends to be polite to strangers, and maintains formality even when talking to close friends. Around strangers like Overkill, he would not address him and his clanmates with, "What do you want from me, humans?". Instead, he would address him with (at least in this instance) something along the lines of, "Ah, hello there! Forgive my state of disrepair, there was a recent incident between a couple of fellow gladiators and I... I sense that you are seeking something- perhaps I could be of assistance?".

    Oh, and on a side note, he's missing three of his limbs at this point in time. Only his right arm remains attached.

    ...Anything else?
  7. Hey man can you please give me more details about AAlbus personality..
  8. Okay lemme check he's personality before i start writing it..
  9. BTW, make sure to take note of AAlbusUUmbra's personality, as recorded in the Animation Notes section of his page. The psychological notes should help to paint an accurate picture on how he talks and acts.
  10. Assuming that you've written your story section in chronological order? Yes, put the story below your other completed stories.
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