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Conversation Between Raptor and Person McPerson

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  1. "The global mods (Azure, Devour, Mantha, Exile, Cami) and I are the ones that'll be modding this section now."
    Cami's name is gray.
  2. What quote
  3. You Might want to fix your quote.
  4. Trust me, if I hated you I'd let you know it lol

    I don't hate anyone here. Hating people gets in the way of being a good moderator.
  5. So do you hate me now or something? :P
  6. so now that project m is dead, where can you download it?
  7. I don't have a favorite weapon, but I don't like charge weapons, but maybe that'll change. I also don't really use rollers and brushes all that much, I like guns for points and buckets for scoring kills. I do have a favorite bomb, and that's the sprinkler. All the specials are great, but the only one I don't like is echolocator.
  8. So... you play Splatoon. Favorite weapon?
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