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Conversation Between Devour and Zero

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  1. Oh, I did not.

    Thanks for notifying me.
  2. Ayy did you catch my edit in the mafia thread?
  3. Thank you Devour!

    I shall.
  4. I finished my Action story for the next round of the tournament. If you want to read it it's here
  5. It looked like your post was saying to PM you after the story had been released or placed into the OLit section.

    Oh well, it doesn't really matter lol
  6. Great!


    EDIT: OK. Wow. I'm an idiot.
  7. PMs aren't public. They have the word "Private" in them after all

    I shall send it ASAP as possible friend
  8. That's weird. I thought you said that "I can't post it anywhere public" but sure!

    I'd love to read it!
  9. PMs aren't public. I could send the story to you now though those if you so desired, without waiting hella long. Wanna?
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