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Conversation Between Blaman and Nanite

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  1. Hey man, you gotta nominate your three candidates in terms of music for our promo, SSB's got his finals in a few weeks, and prefer that we can get the promo begun soon
  2. Hey, get on IRC...

    I have the details for your Part of the collab ready.
  3. Alrighy
  4. Its sticks... Dont worry about the little details for now. Ill give you specific angles later.
  5. Will I make the elf walk into the throne-room? Also how do I distinguish the elf from any other potential characters in the anim, since they're all sticks? Will I actually be doing sticks, or FB? bcus I no gud at FB ._.
  6. Okay, so... I have to make three important scenarios from the book appear in the animation. So... Im giveing everyone one scenario.

    You will get the Throne room battle.

    More details later, but essentially, you have an elf rise slowly, fire blazing in his eyes. as he rises, more of the elements surround him. As he reaches the top, all the elements are turning around him, and he launches them all. towards the king sitting on the throne.
  7. steam name is SubCustom and Hawken name is NaniteCustom
  8. What's your steam and Hawken name? I need them.

    Also, today i can fight you. Say the word, and make it fast... :P
  9. xD

    BTW i posted my character for the RP. Check him out
  10. I mean the one where you commented. I didn't make that one for the RP too XD
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