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Conversation Between EarthquakeAnims and Mark XD

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  1. .....
  2. yeah cool
  3. katai wasn't official though, never got accepted, so really its 2

    and okay
  4. obi,katai and lars are three rhg, do you know that if you keep changing your rhg, no one will remember it
    nah, maybe in the future, but not now
  5. this is the first time i changed my rhg and youre the second person ive challenged, but okay

    so are you going to fight me or no?
  6. i would fight u, but then again i don't like what your are doing
    stuff like changing your rhg multiple times, starting many battles, starting battle before ppl agree to battle and unfinished animations, i don't want anymore forfeit wins
  7. ok man, if you dont want to fight me you dont have to
  8. thats not how battles work ._____.
  9. the other guy's not finished yet

    but ive stopped im waiting for you
  10. wth, you don't start a battle without the other person knowing that they are battling you. and i told u i dont animate in xmas, how could you be animating already?. If you are doing an unofficial battle, then just say so.
    otherwise we aren't battling, last time you said you were battling someone and couldn't show any screenies, i don't know how you skip to battling me, unless you lied or forfiet the other battle
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