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Conversation Between Person McPerson and Kanga-B

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  1. why the fuck did you get banned?
  2. stop talking to yourself
  3. i have swag, i am using the wii u to post right now
  4. Put this as your signature : I believe in 2-D (as my lord and savior). If your not afraid to admit it then paste this into your signature.
  5. ayyy I see you are posting in the Chat Thread again.
  6. i thought so.
  7. yes.
  8. that's about it for now. anyway, were you joking when you said that you would flag 2-d back?
  9. Great, anything else I should know?
  10. wow, dude, don't worry. Extend it to 3 days, so you don't worry when you don't have to.
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