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Conversation Between Apex-Predator and Ipman

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  1. Yeah I noticed xD
    That was fast
  2. Just did
  3. Clear yer inbox m8

    And idk, I'll ask lol
  4. Sure, hopefully you'll find a way to fix it back.
  5. Well let me have the swf to see if I can fix it?
  6. it was originally made in flash 8, but it got corrupted somehow and deleted itself, only a .swf was left...
    so i asked Spectre to convert it then i asked you to convert it again which failed so idk which else would work
  7. I meant why you didn't make in Flash 8 the first time around.
  8. What do you mean? Are you asking that why dodnt i make it all over again in flash?
  9. why didn't you make it in that?
  10. I only have flash 8..
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