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Conversation Between Cruel and Camila

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  1. Also, I believe a quote in your signature is missing a bracket.
  2. lol I won't stop, I love drawing these cute avatars.
  3. Cami stop having adorable avatars. I cant afford to lose any more man cards.
  4. Lmao you died in the center of the room. You were supposed to find the corner. Your life amounted to NOTHING. Lol :>
  5. *dies*

  6. You will die when you see this bunny though, I guarantee it! ^O^
  7. LOL irk?. it's all like

    < W >
  8. OMG I died of cuteness when I saw your avatar >:3
  9. lol cruel thanks <3
  10. Someone accused me of being your number 2 stalker (xero being number 1) and I was deeply offended. Im obviously number one, duh. Now get in that round room....AND FIND THE CORNER.

    Congrats on your modification privileges by the way
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