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Conversation Between Alphaeus and Kamiroo Wolf

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  1. Hey man.

    SO...under normal circumstances, I would definitely just give you time. I hate taking forfeits, because it kinda defeats the purpose of having a battle. That being said, however, I have two rather important battles coming up back to back, and the canon of this fight (at least in my story) is quite important. I will be claiming the forfeit. In my story, however, Mirage ends up surviving (well, kinda-not-really-we-don't-know-but-it's-insinuated-he-was-rescued-somehow). What I would like to suggest is that you finish your battle, and tell me when you do. I would be more than happy to write another battle with you.'s up to you, and really want you to understand there are no hard feelings here, and that I wouldn't do this if it didn't have a major impact on my canon. Best of Wishes, dude!
  2. So... I don't really have an acceptable excuse for the lateness of my piece, and you're absolutely welcome to claim the forfeit if you so wish, but if you are willing then I'd like to propose an open deadline(even though I don't really have the right to ask). The story is actively being worked on, rest assured, but the progress I'm making isn't anything like I'd expected.

    Like I said, you're welcome to claim forfeit if you're not up for an extension/open deadline, and I apologize sincerely if it feels as though I'm blowing you off or not giving this battle of ours my full attention. Just wanted to somewhat give you an update...
  3. Hey, Kami. Our battle was due today. I don't have a problem giving people more time...hell, I gave Vern like 8 months overtime. I'm not particularly fond of when people don't bother to ask or even tell me that their going to be taking longer, tho. Tried sending a message, but your inbox is full. Soo...unless I can hear from you tomorrow, I'll be claiming a forfeit.
  4. Yo! Just droppin' by to wish ya a happy birthday!
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