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Conversation Between Lethal and WizardKnight

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  1. yeah, i regretted binning Retribution xD
  2. It will be reborn son :P
    Thanks. Reached higher than Radiation, and Retribution.
  3. wtf man, why bin your clan haha. but it's okay, i understand you're so busy in real life. your clan had a good run, son :3
  4. I take that as a YES

    don't worry I won't record it :3
  5. Btw that's sad actually ;-;
    Hope you have a good time out there not animating ;-;
  6. So are you gonna forfiet on our battle?
  7. I copy pasted this message I gave to DigitalFlamer:

    Well. I'm actually keeping this as a secret but I'm quitting animation. Tell this to your friends, maybe I'll get back in animating like 2-3 years? Well I know, this message is unexpected. So that means, I forfeit my RHG against WizardKnight. Sorry man. I feel like I'm not fitting as an animator. Well that's all. You can tell this to your (or my friends) friends. Thanks, hope I'll get back in animating. But don't worry, I'll check this forums every week (or maybe every 3 days). Thanks once again.
  8. GIVE



  9. I am halfway there german lars.
    I'm at frame 4000+
  10. dude. have you finised our battle, i'm starting on animating now lol xD
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