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Conversation Between captain4dji and Berry

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  1. oh thanks.
    i made a thread to show my current progress, gotta working very hard these days. gl
  2. Yeah he's still animating, he's a busy man.
  3. sure it is! BTW is terkoiz still animating FLLFFL vs umbrella? i dont even know!
    oh and GL with UR clan and new RHG.
  4. Let's continue.

    However, let's do it the Alfa x Resh style. When one's done, they may publish it, and wait for the other one then they make a poll...
  5. gotta continue my rhg recently, behold stickboy!
  6. Busy Life.... I made a clan though.

    Just got filled last week.

    It was the first of the newbie clans that got filled too.
  7. hey stickboy, i'm still alive on SP! how's ya gonig?
  8. 3 months unable to touch the computer for some reasons I cannot disclose amongst other people.

    Sigh. Busy life. Sad life.
  9. hell yeah i need to extend, i am really busy right now, im going to high school 2 months later, in August. i will have almost no time to animate then.
  10. Cap, can we extend the deadline a wee bit? I'm sure you saw what I posted in my clan's page that my files got deleted over a stupid reformat so I had to restart the RHG battle last week. I'm currently storyboarding for crying out loud ;-;

    And besides, I'm still working on a demo for my next RHG.
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