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Conversation Between Rokon and GuardianTempest

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  1. I just saw a video talking about how impractical twinblades are and I think I might change Libra's sword because I can't animate a twinblade anyway. I think I might just have him dual wield
  2. Oh, okay
  3. Maybe, but rather the two complement each other (see 'Alba Laddies') instead of several different beings trying to occupy the same slot.
  4. So shujin is fine because only one fights at a time?
  5. Well I believe in a numerical limit, and shujin's modular while Jario's trying to keep several (distinct) characters in one. It's a rule that you can only have one gladiator at a time and it's like circumventing the rule by grouping people into one page.
  6. I just saw that jario rhg. It comes across like you're not a fan but he seems similar to shujin and you're a fan of that rhg. I'm just curious and trying to find a reason to talk to ya
  7. Uh... If that's what ya want but I'd have to finish too
  8. July 1, if I ain't finished by then, then you take it as a forfeit.
  9. Alright. Well I'll work on it. Though I'm not sure what I can make. Part of the reason I have animation block is because I can't find a balance between my mental image and my animation level. So idk what'll come out in the end.
  10. It means that you have to make it exciting, by which I mean it's not simply aiming for the weaknesses and ending it quickly. It would be better if your rhg struggled than if he went for the weakness outright. Win or lose, it would be more exciting if he "did something really cool" than "simply winning the fight with his powers"

    but the moment you decided to aim towards "Beating the guy", you've already lost the crowd with your simple-minded "I stab him after I disarm him" anim.

    Whereas. If you decided to be creative about you and your opponent, you can actually drum up an enjoyable scenario. Sure you might legitimately lose the battle itself, but weeks from nowt hey'll always remember it for where "you hijacked a bus and drove it into his helicopter while fending off his clones with your sword".

    Which kinda sucks for this matchup since I'M the one who should be struggling. You could say that Ashige can simply make it not rain.

    EDIT: I tried.
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