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Conversation Between Smile and GuardianTempest

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  1. Your sig tho, could use some fixin'
  2. Hope you got my skype messages or somethin'.
  3. Or you could choose to bring back the tie, since it's 9-8 at the moment. :P
  4. Nobody noticed that. I've been running around posting on some of those clans and they don't seem to notice.

    I'll just take it down.
  5. In my quote, can you remove Ghost and add STYLE right after Nemesis Crown? Thanks, the active clans must be listed down!
  6. Same artist
  7. New avatar! Cuter than before! Where'd you get it? (And what happened to Creamy McPuffs?)
  8. some guy
  9. I forgot to add: Who is he?
  10. I guess
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