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Conversation Between ErrorBlender and Drizzle

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  1. She even tries to climb the wall as well. ADORABLE AF <3

    It actually hits me now that everyone is perfectly fine with there are 2 spirits flying around them, like I expected people would freak the shit out just like that previous babysitter or something haha.
  2. Emily Rose

    Squishy~ All she wants is a hug.
  4. Lol. XD
  5. I find C&H pretty depressing all the time haha. The Depressing Comic Week is just like a cherry on top for me.
  6. Expect a few feels in a comedy comic. Like with Happiness & Cyanides' Depressing Comic Week.
  7. I was not ready for it. I was expecting to laugh when she holds up the knife but but... why :'(
  8. It was. I felt the feels crawl up to me as i read the last several panels.

    OMG THAT'S LIKE THE SADDEST STRIP IN LIKE ANY COMEDIC COMIC EVER :'( Like the fact that there's like no dialog makes it even sadder...
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