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Conversation Between Xate and ErrorBlender

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  1. Xate. Your entry. Where is it?
  2. Clear yo inbox bro.
  3. Thanks man, may yours be prosperous as well
  4. A Happy Birthday from a young writer. May your clan be prosperous.
  6. The realization that our tourney battle is the 2nd most viewed/replied fight. With Azure/blak's being the 1st. (Well, their fight ARE awesome, and hard to decide and the first one to be made)
  7. Haha. Just need to survive somehow.
  8. The realization that Ghombeat told your role to everyone. XD
  9. Hmm, Skype then.
  10. Go up to Skype for some fun? Also, can I...join your clan too? As in, multi-clanning.
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