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Conversation Between Rebmund10 and NaB3R!u$

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  1. Oh well. I'll respect your choice. I now see you as a badass in the outside with a secret softness in the inside.
  2. I can be anything that i please
  3. You were supposed to be a sensei not a senpai!
  4. Why? You should be amazed by my fabulousness
  5. So I just saw your pic at the picture thread and now....
    I'm really disturbed by you._.
  6. Alright then. Make sure you finish your battle with ghost alright 'cause I really want to see that fight!
  7. Maybe, i might have time if i finish naberius vs ghost
  8. Sup bro! Long time no see too! BTW, do you have time to have an rhg battle with me in late March?
  9. Yo m8, long time no see
  10. I just uploaded a new animation, check it out
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