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  1. If I made an awesome series. I would let it die a great show, because it will be remembered as a show everyone would look up to.
  2. For me, I think three season would have been better. It would have been able to explore more deeply some mysteries like the possibilities of aliens and the story of Ford in other side of the portal. There could have also been some more Mabel and Ford bonding and knowing each other more and Dipper's and Pacifica's friendship growing.

    Oh well. Like the saying says: "You either die a great cartoon or live long enough to become shitty."
  3. Yes I've heard, Thx though. I think it's for the best. The next ep is weirdmagadon pt 2 and the final (1hr season 2 finale) weirdmagadon pt 3.

    The show had a good run, plus if they had a Season 3. It may fail and everyone would hate it eventually. Like Spongebob and Fairly odd parents etc. Right now I hope there are more shows that arrive and become a great series of Eps like Steven universe and Rick and Morty.
  4. Hey there! Have you heard that Gravity Falls is ending? Here's the evidence:
  5. I said that cuz I felt like the poll you made was too easy.

    Debating in real life is wrost than online, but hey, I could be wrong in certain ways
  6. What did I messed up on?
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