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Conversation Between SaulMurphy and Xate

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  1. Haha, don't count yourself out yet. we're both in the amateur circuit. maybe we'll fight there
  2. 'tis okay, 'tis okay...Well, probably the 1st of May? Though I do not think I can get a win from you. Already a lost DX
  3. I don't think I will finish it in time (even though its 3 days late). I've been more focussed on my prelim for wRHG tournament.
  4. Hello.
  5. Okay, not near complete. However, its in extreme rough draft.
  6. How is your wRHG battle going?
  7. But even so, you CAN have a headstart, if you want. But, you're quite a gentleman NOT to do such thing, right? -_q

    Even so, I'll do my best writing it as soon as I finish the other 2, so *I* might have a headstart. Pragmatic I may be, but victory still isn't certain. Classy vs Brute, who shall win? Style or Speed? Tatics or Skills? We shall see. Shall the Gentleman win with elegance, or will the Brawler defeat with coolness?
  8. OH! My good fellow, a glorious battle between us? Marvelous!

    Ok, I'll stop talking like that now. :P. the 28th - 10th? Sounds excellent. enough time to prepare I would say. And do not put yourself down like that. I have many flaws in my writing. Also: iarenteveil is also challenging me, but from the 18th I'm open, so it shouldn't affect our time in any way. Appreciate the challenge and I formally:

  9. Excuse me, my good sir. I'd like to send an early notice that I'd like to challenge you to a wRHG Battle. I'd like to arrange it so that it'd be from the...Hm...How about from the 28th of January to the 10th of February? I think sending a notice first would be fitting. As for why the date is so far off, it's because I have 2 more dishes to take care of. But even so, I would like to challenge you. And here's a bonus point for my work: I'll lose. Fitting, since my skill WILL NOT match up to yours. Not definite, but highly likely. But even so, it shall be a glorious fight, with the Gentleman as its star.
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