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  1. I understand, that's fine. On my end I am burdnened with Midterms submission week so I too am delayed.
  2. That is perfectly fine, I've been delayed myself and would probably have given in a very shitty version of my story. So the 28th it is.
  3. Due to my incompetence, I'm afraid I'm delayed. Can we move our schedule to my birthday? (Sept. 28)
  4. Hello?
  5. Well, in that case a few of my responses are valid I'm sure. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for the response.

    He's very serious about his duties and his character quote is "Mission first, civilians later or never." He doesn't care what happens to others and tends to reflect on his actions when it's already too late. That's all I can come up with at the moment.
  7. "An ex-CIA agent who take (Retribution, Betrayal, His Work [cliche], The Mission, The Job, himself) very seriously."

    Not exactly sure what you needed there. Be it personality related, job related, interaction related... Needed a bit more info on that, but there are some suggestions.

    "...prioritizes objectives over (all things knowing the mission comes first, people it may hurt, his moral judgement, his honour)"

    Again, could be anything. Would be able to give better words if I had a bit of background to work with.
  8. I need yer literary help!

    An ex-CIA agent who takes {something?} very seriously. He leads a small network of spies and secret agents who are indispensable. He can view the memories of unconscious people. Reputed to be ruthless in pursuing his targets, he constantly compromises and prioritizes objectives over {integrity?}.

    I need words that would fit for the inquiries in the brackets, my apologies for bothering you.
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