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Conversation Between AhdoMatic and shadowtears

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  1. Haha congarts...
  2. Im a Chancellor of the New Thread RHGT
    So yeah you could say Im sort of a mod
    and Welcome Back bro <3
  3. are a mod or something? cuz your name is yellow....I've been dead this whole time and there's alot of changes happening
  4. Woah Ahdo.....remember me?
  5. ok,tell me if you're done
  6. Currently working on GamerXDB's tech machine cuz he wanted some changes,
  7. sorry for the confusing,what order are u currently doing?answer this quick!!!
  8. Right now lol
    My bad..Im cleaning up my house.
  9. <_< >_> ,when?
  10. I LIKE IT D
    Alright, I'll put up the poll
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