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Conversation Between GuardianTempest and Boltz

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  1. I know
  2. RWBY is starting to take that Dreadful Turn.....
  3. I've heard, there is still hope for the series
  4. I think you meant "die"

    And yes, Monty Oum died on the first day of February, it was sad.
  5. I KNOW, she is gonna be very fiesty against Ruby, I just know it. Plus based on the end theme, team RWBY may face some sorrows about their lives , when you think about it.
  6. Yes I did, when I saw the trailer I was all "Omg who's this new goth lolita girl? She seems very cocky."

    : P

    Dammit Cinder
  7. Hey you remember that one scene when emerald was flash backing to how her team is ready for everything in the Vol3 ep, there was a fourth teammate, who is she?
  8. Yes I have an I am very hyped, Reese looks cute too.
  9. Too late, I haz seen all of em. Have seen the Vol3 ep 1 though ? It's called "round 1"
  10. You should've seen Volume 1's Episodes 15 and 16; and Volume 2's episodes 3 and 4
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