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Conversation Between GuardianTempest and Scarecrow

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  1. I think everyone has a tulpa. They call it their mind.
  2. Hey scarecrow, what're your thoughts on tulpas? I read about them on some place on the internet and got mildly curious.
  3. mai is a master comedian
  4. I see you chose the stoic one from Nichijou's cast.
  5. good. here's another
  6. Your signature has given me hope knowing that whatever I may be doing I'm not wasting my life.
  7. thank you

    they're from a music video. if you click the gif in my sig you'll be able to hear the song, which is excellent. although the actual song is about twice as long (and twice as awesome) as the version used in the music video...
  8. Have I ever told you how awesome your avatar+signature is? No? In that case:

    You have the most awesome avatar+sig ever
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