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  1. First movie, you know, the one where there's a scene where he rips out a lamp post.
  2. Which Singham specifically? There are several.
  3. Learned about Singham this morning, he's amazingly badass.
  4. Erotic Roleplay, it's as bad as you think especially from the common "participants".

    I lack tact.
  5. Wtf is ERP?
  6. Oh gowd, I don't want to see ERP while I'm monitoring the Activity Stream. Not yet at least.
  7. Its just a part-time job while I'm at school and hoping to be an animator. Like fights and stick men. Omgiwnnabbelykecrazyjay

  8. Wow, I'm surprised you can handle your difficult (and maybe prized) job at such an age.
  9. Support him and turn the tide against the evil of Exilement. Ipman forever.
  10. This is too good. 12/10

    I can't tell him, it's just that justice-ful.
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