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Conversation Between Xate and Boomerang

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  1. Somewhat
  2. Life's treating you well?
  3. Yo. Know of the clan war?
  4. Want to visit Chatzy?
  5. Mate. Free enough? Chatzy. To discuss things.
  6. Can you hang out at Chatzy? Please?
  7. ..Mind going to CHATZY? ;-; You abandoned it!
  8. ...Why so wRHG? Why not US? I mean, students' lives can be pretty awesome, battling tests epically (well, good luck imagining that )
  9. That's actually a pretty good idea. Our characters can be warped into a classroom where they are forced to take a big test with wRHG related questions. You pass, you may be warped back to your dimension. You fail, you are sent to a monster ridden dimension for all of eternity.
  10. Yo, mate. Discuss ideas for the monthly. My idea: well...tests? This month is test-ridden for ya folks, right? So why not use it to write a story? And...more planning to be discussed at the chat, where I won't be due to tests. Lots.
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