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Conversation Between Xate and Boomerang

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  1. Yo. Mind telling me when you write? Because I'm new to the writing business and need to know how to mix school and writing.
  2. I like the setup. Although I think Glacier had a battle, I don't know if its all done yet though. And are we still making the clan story the first weekly.

    Last thing. What the hell is Entangled Fates?
  3. When I'm sleeping. XD Timezones Fuck yoU Up. FUU Anyway, feedback on the page alrite?
  4. Im in school and study hall just ended. Ill be on in like three-four hours
  5. The Lost Wanderer is completed!. Go to chatzy to discuss the weekly.
  6. Also...what about the clan now? VM/PM me, alright?
  7. Close. So...damn close! Good job, mate!
  8. No response about him, though. I have little confidence that he'll submit.
  9. Send me glaciersnakes tryout and ill take initiative and begin looking things over.
  10. I removed the deadline, and school is hitting me with tests, so...have fun. I'll be dropping by occassionally to check.
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