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Conversation Between IgnusBurns and SriGraecus

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  1. Yea, that makes sense. I like the idea of Levi sending in Riley to deal with Wilder when they're last fight ended in a practical stalemate. Let's hope for the best, yea?
  2. I probably will. I just need to confirm with my runner up. They said if I got a chance to battle before the fifth of January I can go right ahead, so yeah. Also, this will be more of a rematch, considering our last battle was a title.
  3. I've got no qualms. If you really want to, let me know and we can get started.
  4. I might just do that...
  5. I don't think it would, no. Hell, I'd be cool with that. I've been meaning to jump back in with a fight, why not with someone I already know.
  6. Really? Thank you! I wonder... Would it be against the rules to battle again? Since I have a new character?
  7. I did see, actually, and I read over his page a bit. I've gotta say, I like him a lot.
  8. Hmmm... Five months on here feels like five years IRL. Haha... Well, if you haven't noticed I've actually changed my fighter.
  9. Let's see, we battled in August, right? It's been 5 months now, give or take. Barely feels that long, haha.
  10. Yo, been a while since you've been on here. How long ago was it that we battled?
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