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  1. Thanks Arch, I keep these in mind when I get to the College I need.
  2. College is pretty cool but it requires a lot more self-motivation. No one is going to keep reminding you and reaching out to make sure you turn your assignments in on time and what not. It's your responsibility to keep track of and manage your time. Also, be prepared for all lectures and only homework. The only class where I ever did work in-class (general education at least) was Calculus, and even then the homework was way more brutal than what we did in class. Overall, the atmosphere is pretty cool, people are cool, and there's a ton of stuff to do. Just don't be some fag that succumbs to the stereotypical college lifestyle because you've tasted your first dose of freedom and independence.
  3. What's it like in college? (Or university)
    I'm gonna graduate soon so I just what to be prepared.
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