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Conversation Between Yujun and Molgera

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  1. Hey dude! I got a new Wii and I can play brawl again!
    Whats your friend code? I gotta add you again.
  2. yeah sure you are working on it. Maybe like you poke at it once a month, amirite?

    but it still sounds cool lol
  3. Cleaned it.
  4. Alright, well clear your inbox, and I will send you everything.
  5. I don't do facebook, so I pick B.
  6. So what would be your answer prior to the earlier PM?:
  7. Oh its fine. I only ended the because my Dad got on the PC. But as for the little outbreak at the end there... ignore that.

    Also, I got for free no trial. Weird.
  8. costs money, so maybe thats why it wasnt working
  9. Go on my DA profile. My journal entry has an important message!
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