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Conversation Between Aquila and IgnusBurns

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  1. Hm, good point. You wanna post something else then? Maybe a suggestion to hunt the boss? I'll be in chat if you wanna talk more fluently.
  2. Wolves already all dead, no point in reposting. My post was about focusing the wolves' attention on me so azure could kill them all.
  3. Sorry about your post getting deleted, you going to re-post it? I don't what's been going on with SP lately.
  4. If you could, that would be really cool of you. I wouldn't be able to let you in as is, too many of that class already. If you make a sick melee char. I'll let you in. (Like I wasn't going to anyway...)
  5. But ain't Person McPerson a melee guy? Is it okay for me to go in with Richard or do you want me to create a melee character for you?
  6. Yo Aquila, Person McPerson is going on a trip for a couple weeks, and I was wondering if you would wanna join in. I just got back from a trip myself, so I'm ready to get back to narrating.
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