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  1. That's what I would've...if he did break the rule
  2. Simply merge his posts, separated by a horizontal line.
  3. Btw, add him to the group if you can.
  4. I know~
    o w o
  5. Minor thing: You typo'd the spoiler bbcode in the Hall of Warriors
  6. It's already posted deary~
    o w o
  7. Hello thar, pardon my excitement (and impatience) but I inquire the next Friday Funk.

    Although I could just assume you are busy with the tournament, in which I am completely okay with it. (Or screwy timezones)
  8. Yup~exactly that~
    o w o
  9. Heh, pardon but I got kinda confused at the prompt. Write the character? I'm currently interpreting it as writing a story where a character falls in love with the author. Is it correct?
  10. Hmmm~okay then~
    o w o
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