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Conversation Between Barthimo1 and Camila

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  1. Water is pretty easy actually, although it depends on the style you use.
    I quickly made some waterish animation, to make clear how the movements could work.
  2. I have lasers, fire, lightning and wind covered. I'm havig problems animating water and animating earth fx as in, the ground morphing and stuff like that. But I'll figure it out thanks! ♥
  3. I hope so. Elements 1 and 2 were awesome already. And your effects have improved.
    Well, in case you need help with fire, that is the effect I animate the most.
  4. Lol! Thanks bart. And yes I did start, this one is gonna be nuts >:3
  5. Salve, Camila.

    You are a cute girl. All I have to say.

    And a question:
    Did you already start working on Elements 3?
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