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Conversation Between THatone Gamer and RaWrz-Cupcakes44

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  1. Oh don't even get me started
  2. Speaking of crap, oh man the nintendo E3 direct...
  3. Exactly why I needed to buy a new phone, not only was the older one complete crap but it never held a charge
  4. Yep or even worse that a charger renders your phone useless cause cause you charged in the most ineffecient way possible because the wire was too short. Happend to me and it was painfull
  5. I hope they don't because my charger bent the inside of the port so where it's stuck pointed up and barely charges
  6. Didn't know chargers/3ds could break like phone chargers like that, thats pretty garbage. But look at the bright side, the new 3ds doesn't come with a charger at all so there are no issues to begin with :3
  7. My 3ds doesn't even charge anymore without me having to spend like 30 minutes to get it positioned to hold a small charge
  8. Fuck man wish i had a 3ds, gonna miss out on mh4 :/
  9. Don't even get me started on monster hunter I have yet to get the new one
  10. Well yea japan gets everything (Console monster hunter games....) Also, around what times do you usually come online on skype?
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