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Conversation Between Berry and Jazzon

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  1. That's fine, I guess.
    I wish you luck with all the stuff until then.
  2. Sorry, man, but all clan related things are postponed until September 15 because nearly all of us are busy. Will try, though ^w^
  3. Stickboi-San!
    I like the clan, wanna be allies?

    I wish you luck running a clan dude!
    You have to admit it, it's pretty fun.

    Oh, and slap me with one of those support signatures.
    You pretty much know where everything about my RHG is, but instead of wasting your time looking for it here's the link
  4. Jazzon sama!!! You're back~!

    I also made a clan ~nano desuuu

    That was one hell of a vacation, though, wasn't it?
  5. First of all, It's just a little idea. More like a spark in my brain still waiting to be molded. I need to see a bunch of your animations before something like that could be realized. Secondly, why not? I mean, I get it if you're busy right now, but that can happen in 2015, not now. Not any time soon.
  6. What's this about a clan war


    Pls no.
  7. mhmm read my post. im resigning and making new rhg...
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