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Conversation Between Berry and Terror-Sama

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  1. Try the one ??? Made..
  2. Terro, what's the actionscript you used for the trail effect in your animation? It would be so helpful not to animate a trail manually, now .0.
  3. Terro, your signature is done!

    Please check page 5 of clan PING for more information.
  4. Shit. I don't know.

    It's err, a mix of alpha'd gray and dark purple. >_>
  5. Lol I won't guess your rhg color you tell me the hex
  6. Hey, I need the clan logo fla. file.

    For the menu. C:
  7. It's all guchi ^^
  8. tell me if the link's not working.
  9. bat link?
  10. Also,try to be more active as often as you can..
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