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  1. it somehow expired again, just send it to me on discord, my clan's discord is on the clan page (duh) and I am of course on there
  2. Oh, true, lemme just set the link to never expire.
  3. nice, the discord link expired though
  4. VoidZ on Stickpage is merely a branch from the bigger Clan that Lurks the internet, a group of about 24 animators create an unofficial RHG clan.
    We have a Skype Chat where we do most of our members gather, and a public discord.
  5. ayy so I commonly see people say that there is a Voids not on SP, and I've tried to look for it, but since stick figure anims aren't the largest type of community, I got no relevant results.

    so, could I have a link to some info or an explanation? I'd assume you'd know since you lead the SP Voidz.
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