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Conversation Between Praetorain and Kursura

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  1. Your inbox is full. Just wanted to say nice screenshot ^_^
  2. Hey there. Didn't realise my inbox was full, sorry ^^;
    It's empty now
  3. Thanks ^_^
  4. Good luck then..
  5. Oh hi Praetorian. I'd forgotten I'd asked you ^^;
    It's fine. I'm battling someone else atm and have 2 possible after that.
  6. Hey Kursura, what's up?
    Well, I don't know. First of all, I need to break my rust at animating. Second of all, I am planning to change my RHG. So yeah...
    Maybe we should battle later.
  7. Hey Praetorain, remember you wanted to battle me last year? Well I finally have time again, are you interested?
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