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Conversation Between SJCRPV and acutelatios

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  1. Will do Sebie~
    and I'm not sure to be honest :I
  2. Oh... seems plausible. And a lot of fun.
    But please, do tell talk to him about the chocolate bar.

    Well, what now?
  3. Of course he's not alive! I go the the afterlife from time to time :3
    I get to have parties with dead people~
    o w o
  4. It's alright... : (
    Wait... Arthur is still alive? O_o

    Are we talking about the same historical character?
  5. *shrugs with a frown*
    Sorry, no idea buddy :c
    but I'll tell him to give it to you when I see him again
  6. *Seb's eyes widen* O_O
    Do you have any idea as to where he was headed?
    Did he gave it to someone?
    Did he lose it?
    Did he left it somewhere?
    *understands what he is doing and stops*
    Oh... Sorry, I'm showering you with questions...
    But... Do you know where it might be?
  7. I believe so! Arthur had it with him when he left
    o w o

    *downs the soda in the grail*
  8. Then
    *Seb starts flipping the pages on his notebook like mad, back and forth until he finds what he was looking for*
    Have you ever heard of The Lost Swiss Chocolate Bar? The chocolate bar that regenerates itself after each bite?
    *shows his notebook, pages upon pages with notes, drawings and crossed out lines about possible locations and clues on how to find the chocolate bar*
    Have you?
  9. Well I do like being enigmatic ;3
    *continues drinking from the grail*

    and I've been travelling for a while; my persona has been to almost everywhere when I met up with Arthur
    o w o
  10. As someone who's generally more curious than the average person, you're basically torturing me by not answering properly to my question *_*:
    *eats a few more pringles in sadness until he reaches a new realization*
    Aaaand now a new question popped up:

    If some "dude" named Arthur gave you what must be the Holy Grail, then you must have traveled a lot, right?
    *takes a notebook from his pocket, seemingly hopeful about something*
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