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  1. i understand the stress but hey! there are many people supporting you
  2. It was a little Stressful due to moving and studying. Hopefully I can Make it again this year. I only have to deal with French 2 and English in order to perfect my Grade
  3. hi Boltz long time no see oh you did pass the test? thats cool!! and tell me more about Honor Roll please :3
  4. Hello, So I've Moved, Got Honor Roll so my parents are happy. I pasted my Photoshop test, so now I'm a Certified Adobe Photoshop Associate. This will be awesome for my resume. I kinda took a break from Stickpage, Just trying to Balance things out to make to most of what I can.
  5. Yo Boltz, whats up?
  6. owh what a coincidence i'm moving too

    i'm quite fine
  7. HAI (=w= ) Nice to see your cheerful face again. I'm ok, I'm moving to a different area but thankfully its not affecting my Academics because I doing so well.
    I'm taking art classes at an Institute. Though its was cold at the time, Its was swell on the first day. My art skills are getting better, but i wish my animating skills were on the same level.

    How about you?
  8. Hey Boltz, long time no see, how are you?
  9. Oh never heard of that book, 3 or more day aye?

    Yes there were nemesis comic, i dunno since when... you can just search for it.
  10. I guess we could...make them like the book "Scott pilgrim vs the world" it's like 6 issues long but it can be done in 3 or more days.
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