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Conversation Between Boltz and IgnusBurns

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  1. No problem, always willing to help.
  2. Alright. I'll have my wRHG Up very soon.
    Thanks for the Info.
  3. Are you in the wRHG community? Haven't seen your character in there if you are. Sure I'd love to get a new member, you'll have to take it up with Haru though, he's the leader of the clan. You could PM him or post on the clan thread.
  4. Hey Buddy, Mind if I join the Blade Mercenaries? I do have some future stories i do plan to reveal about my RHG
  5. No one catches Suicune. Only Suicune Must allow you. Unless you have the master ball then yeah.
  6. Heh, funny, but really. You know you can get one right now if you use the Mystery Gift. (For free no less...)
    But anyway, out of all the 31 Legendaries in ORAS you can catch, I've caught 27. I still need to catch Raikou and Suicune. I can't get Lugia or Kyogre.
  7. Ill be done if i still lose if that happens in battles.
  8. If the name and title of the Pokemon wasn't enough, (the Victory Pokemon) then yeah. His ability's really useful too, raising you and your allies' accuracy!
  9. VICTINI FTW!!! When he's by your side, You know you're gonna win.
  10. Hmmm, for me it's Zekrom, because he IS the Spirit Bomb in Fusion Bolt.
    Then Palkia, because he rips through space with Spatial Rend.
    Darkrai, because of his amazing stat spread and movie role.
    And finally, Victini! Because he's... Adorable...
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