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Conversation Between Ipman and exceld

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  1. lmao so u saw my post in rebellion >3> it's theexceld9 if I'm not wrong xD
  2. Oi! You have a Skype? Whats the user? : D
  3. Nahh.. I only use him to join clan and having clan activity which is none lmao xD andd... Rusty huh xD myb yes? I will do when i want to XDD
  4. Aw man, that sucks, how about your RHG? He needs to fight at some point
    Amd you neeed to practice too, you might get rusty man
  5. Haha thanks man XD I'm not an active user. Mostly because I don't animate until another competition XDD dud... I feel rly lazy to practice XD so yea.. No animation and new stuff
  6. Hey! Long time man :^(, I watched your Evangelion anim, and holy shit it was 10x more better than what I expected! You are very good man! Thanks for placing me in the credits : )
    Nahh just kidd'n.
    I guess I'm just gonna have to wait 2 months to see your beautiful creation :^)
  8. hahaha XD i did like to share it but it against rule m9 ;D
  9. but may is too long ;~;
    I really want to see what you made bro
  10. thanks man! ^^ I hope it does. Cuz I put a lot of effort and experiment in it
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