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Conversation Between Ipman and EarthquakeAnims

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  1. thnx
  2. Ooo, good luck with that man!
  3. focus on the project that me and my friends are woking on. as well as study and finish all my school work
  4. Keeping it a secret eh? I guess we will know when the time comes hehe.
    And yeah, its better than nothing, i agree.

    So, whats your plans after the fight?
  5. i wanna try and keep it a secret xD but at least you get time to animate
  6. Unfortun, no. But! We have a computer that we share, so basically its back to that time limit before haha
    Though i can get things more quickly done rather than before! I feel kind of proud haha.
    An RHG Fight? Woah man! Good luck, but who is the opponent if you dont mind me askin
  7. I'm good bruh, Im currently RHG battling some guy that wants to fight me. whats good with you? ever get that computer?
  8. Cant believe you still go active here but, OI DUDE! Whats up man!
  9. unfortunately no :,(
    no comp or anything
  10. Yo wassup ipman, any new animations you working on?
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