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  1. Have fun at Mopop and take photos.
  2. How're things, dawg?
  3. There's a real beauty to music theory, I think. It's completely changed the way I perceive music. If I come across any other interesting examples that I can put into simple(ish) terms I'll send it your way.
  4. Its amazing that something which seems so free-flowing and almost impulsive (not in terms of artistry but in terms of emotion) has an almost geometrical progression and orchestration to it. Its great and I think a lot of people would actually be interested in knowing something like that. It makes your appreciation of the music so much deeper.
  5. That's awesome, glad you enjoyed it. I figured out the details by reading about it online and learning to play it on piano/guitar but I could hear something was unusual about it from the first few times I heard it. Once you're familiar with music theory you start to hear and recognize the underlying structures in songs and Muse uses a lot of weird and exotic chord progressions, it's fun analyzing them.
  6. I saw the PM.

    I first listened to the song and thought "Yeah thats pretty cool".

    Then I read the rest of your PM and listened to it again and I got goosebumps. Thats some fucking precision they got going there, and its amazing how the mathematical nature of it doesn't even remotely take away from the fun of it.

    Is this something that all Muse fans know? Or is it something you figured out? Its absolutely fucking fascinating.
  7. No it was literally a random video that I sent you because I was high. I thought maybe YOU'd notice something impressive that you could tell me about.
  8. Thanks for sharing, this is a style of music I never listen to so I don't really have any frame of reference here, is there something about this that's impressive that I'm missing? Was this recorded on a phonograph?
  9. I am pretty high at the moment so I thought it would be appropriate, as a musician, to show you a South Indian proto-bollywood song from the 50s before they adopted any technological advancement in film making, music creation or sound technology.

  10. I PMed you back dude.
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