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Conversation Between Rosie and Kanga-B

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  1. Happy b-day!
  2. yeh, hehe.. err. nvm, thanks
  3. Done. And uhh...welcome back, I guess.
  4. ehh... rosie, could you plz bin this thread:
  5. Maybe you should learn to keep out of other people's business.
  6. rosie, i think snuggz is right, you shoudn't behave like that, give cnc like xero does, not to rub it in everyone's faces
  7. hey rosie, sorry to interrupt, but, my page's got more views than xero's rhg... so, idk how to celebrate, but sorry to annoy you more , just look at my rhg page and xero's rhg page
  8. Your clan failed....
    ...not really surprised.
  9. Welp, you caught me so, it's 10 I guess... O.o
  10. I seriously wanna know how old you are.
    I'm guessing 10 or lower.
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