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Conversation Between PUMU and Azure

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  1. I actually got the job.
  2. Good luck on the interview then bruh
  3. Started summer last week, so I've been job hunting for the summer. Got an interview lined up for Thursday.
  4. Nothing much tbh. Dead focused on art and work for the most part. You?
  5. What up, bubbalubski?
  6. *chuckles* word choice.

    Feel free to hit up my device whenever you're up and ready
  7. Usually ready and willing for Zack and Zoe and friends' adventures to continue. :P And yeah, it shouldn't be too rough.
  8. I'm almost always available to continue our endeavors with Zoe. Hopefully, your bachelors comes as easy or easier than your associates
  9. Continuing school. Bachelors is next. Anything new with you? And of course, I'm always interested in Zoe~
  10. Congratulations man! Sorry I missed it. What are you doin now that you've got it?
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