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Conversation Between Zero and Scar

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  1. Wooo I do come on discord sometime but im only in hyunsdojo lol. Where else should I be at ��
  2. Hot DAMN it's my man Scar! It's definitely been sometime and remembering our chitchats over Visitor Messages is nostalgic. Also, hell yeah I'm still active around here.

    Come on over to the Discord man! It's the new X-Chat (IRC) so we can chat there! How have you been doing man?
  3. Yo zero my man. You still active around here? I just had a sudden thought about stickpage in the middle of the night. Brings back memories except almost everything when I was here was erased XD
  4. I believe it was 2009 - 2010.
  5. The past messages down there, on 2010.

  6. Heyo man!
  7. Hey Zero
  8. advance bye ;_;..

    and that last stage!

    i hate it!

    when he goes to his "second form"

    i totally cant kill him..

    who did you use to kill him?
  9. oh look your back!
    but i gtg like...20-10 mins more ;_;..

    now i just have to add V-Cam to my rhg and im finished =)
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