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Conversation Between MadMirrors and InnoSinn

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  1. sure
  2. Mirror, should've told you this sooner than later but an unexpected thing came up and I'm not allowed to bring my computer with me. I was wondering if I could finish Weekly 2 after I get back
  3. Mirror, check your Skype when you can.
  4. MAjuric, I'm dropping Round 2 of Seven Seconds. I simply don't have enough time to do Seven Seconds and Terror's Weekly 4. I only have time for one of them, and I'm not risking another Clan infraction.
  5. Yeah yeah, I've been busy. I'm failing math so calm your butt before it burns off or something.
    Gotta study, then I have to get Terror to resend the sigs...
  6. I have to wait for Terror's OC Mini stories.
  7. why haven't you made the thread yet
  8. Oh okieee
  9. Lolno. We need the Summary for the plot.
  10. Terror's Ascension?
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